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  • There is also a Greek community out there in real life, laughing and crying and getting on with their lives, mostly invisible, and more or less afraid of the world "community", in spite of our longing to feel like we do belong somewhere. We're trying to provide any relevant information about every available group and 'friendly' place, in spite of the fact that even the only almost-women-only Athens bar, refused to be listed as a lesbian bar, to the very day they had to close down.
    But our need to provide information is great, so there's no lesbian places in Greece? OK with us, we list "gay-friendly" and places where "Sapphites might be hanging around" ...

    A few words about the Sapphites:
    I started building these pages back in December 2000. My first objective was to inform the Greek surfer about the lesbian world - planetwide, cyberspace and local info. It is a big task, too big for a lone sapphite, and there's also our second equaly important objective of informing the world cyber-citizent about lesbianism in Greece, today. Then I learned about mailing lists.. the magic of building a world-wide community without "being exposed" .. Now the Sapphites group is about ninety greek-speaking women members of the Sapphites mailing list and about a hundred members of the e-club (some of them are the same persons), sharing information about everything that interests us, and very slowly (almost painfully) learning to speak up about the discrimination we were taught to accept silently.. Our next "new page" could well be one to report our daily problems and frustrations living in a heterosexual- orientated and absolutely male-dominated society.
    About the pages: I was hoping there would be some more Sapphites offering to help share the task over the years, but what with most thinking of this as a personal site (!!!), or thinking they don't know about web-design, or their time is too tight, or they're professional web-designers and their notion of offering help is to start changing everything, including text, writting style and background colours, missing the point that this site needs A. a constant flow of incoming info, B. a couple of persons updating certain subjects at least monthly (like world & local news, articles, movies, Sapphite Logos.. etc.) and adding local guides for more Greek places, C. some real major organisation of our pages and menus - to make it easier for the visitor to locate what they're looking for .. and then when these basic priorities are well under way, there will be time to talk about major looks changes, over certain discussable proposals.

    Support the Sapphites :
    You may support the Sapphites pages by telling us what you think about our site, and suggestions about improving it. Send us news, articles, stories and relevant links to add. Tell us about broken links, errors & problems you found in any Sapphite page. When reporting errors please refer to the page title or address or section where you found them. Thank you.

    So yes, you can help if you like, starting as simple as writing to us about mistakes and dead links in our pages, offering advice about subjects the international lesbian community would rather expect to find in here, sending us information and news (especially local news, anything of interest to the Greek lesbians, and major world community news that sooner or later will affect us all .. ), sending your writings for publication in the Sapphite Logos e-journal, .. up to the more difficult task of offering to help with updating or/and expanding certain subjects.

    In the remote case we failed to include your page, forum, club, mailing list, avenue or other Sapphite-friendly business, and especially your lesbian-relative article, text or any kind of publication, we apologise humbly. Please contact us to correct this as soon as humanly possible. Note that we won't list links to sites classified for certain age or other groups of people, as we need our pages to stay accessible for everyone, and especially for the youth seeking information.
    The best way to find most of our pages without broken links problems is through our subject index and the site map - most pages link to them both.

    The only problem of homoerotic people is the fact that there are some individuals refusing to accept our basic human rights. The real problem arises when these individuals try to enforce their negative personal views, insisting that gender choices should be subject to some kind of court, religion, or some other kind of rigid and one-sided social approval. Trying to enforce their make-believe that we should observe some alleged rules prescribing the supposedly 'right' anatomy of the persons we are allowed to love.
    The freedom to love the person we choose is a non-negotiable basic human right.


    International Organisations
    (full page in Greek)
    Greek Organisations

    • ILGA: International Lesbian &Gay Association:
      a world-wide federation of national and local groups dedicated to achieving human rights for lesbians and gay men around the globe. Founded in 1978, there were more than 400 groups and individual members in more than 60 countries already in May 1997.
    • ILGA-Europe : European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association
      ILGA-Europe, the European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay Association, is a European NGO for national and local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups. ILGA-Europe works for human rights and against sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination at European level.
      We host the only ILGA web-page in Greek:
      --- ILGA-EU basic info & some of their
      --- publications in Greek (in Greek codepage ISO-8859-7)
      --- Euroletter, May 2004 - in Greek
      --- article: Establishing Brussels office announcement (in Greek ISO-8859-7)
      --- media release: ILGA-Europe web-site relaunched, 11 December 2001 (in Greek ISO-8859-7)

    • IGLHRC : International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
      A non-profit non-governmental organisation. IGLHRC's mission is to protect and advance the human rights of all people and communities subject to discrimination or abuse on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV status.

    • ILIS - International Lesbian Information Service
      ILIS is an international network of lesbians dedicated to foster lesbian organizing. ILIS works in the context of "Lesbian rights are human rights".

    • IGLYO - International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth Organisation
      URL: - email:
      - - - Hearing & General Meeting, to be held 17-20/01/2002 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    • Amnesty International Online -
    • Amnesty International, Greek comitee -
    • LGBT network of Amnesty International -
      Sexual Identity section of Greek comitee, Amnesty International : Sina 30, 10672, Athens, Greece, tel. (+30) 010 3600628

    • International human rights group Human Rights Watch -
    • LGBT Rights - Human Rights Watch -
      350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY 10118-3299, USA
      Tel: +1-(212) 290-4700

    • European Network Against Racism -
      the latest new of the European Community regarding anti-racist laws and anti-discrimination support to all kinds of minorities.

    • European Info Centre Against Violence: WAVE
      Co-ordination Office: Bacherplatz 10/4, 1050 Vienna, Austria
      phone: +43-(0)1-5482720, fax: +43-(0)1-5482720-27
      e-mail:, website:

    • Social Platform - the Platform of European Social NGOs
      The Platform of European Social NGOs is an association of nearly 40 European non-governmental organisations, federations and networks that are working together to build an inclusive society and promote the social dimension of the European Union. The Social Platform channels the concerns of its members on issues of common interest and represents them to the EU institutions. -

    • COLAGE - Children Of Lesbians And Gays Everywhere, usa and international organization specifically supporting young people with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender parents.

    some more ..

  • Freedom Rings: The LGBT Addiction Recovery Project:

  • The Federation of Gay Games -
    The Federation of Gay Games is the international governing body that perpetuates the quadrennial Gay Games and promotes the event's founding principles of inclusion, participation and personal best. The Gay Games was conceived by Dr. Tom Waddell, an Olympic decathlete, and was first held in San Francisco in 1982 with 1,350 participants. Subsequent Gay Games were held in San Francisco (1986: 3,500 participants), Vancouver (1990: 7,000 participants), New York (1994: 11,000 participants), and Amsterdam (1998: 14,000 participants). About 14,000 participants are expected in Sydney for Gay Games VI.

  • * Ipas

  • Changeling Aspects
    The Group [based @ Brisbane, Qld, Australia.] started as a support group for people with Transsexualism & to provide a base for educational support for health care workers, institutions of higher learning and government bodies, etc..
    We are also aware that there are parents and guardians who are in real need of information and support. Please see: "For The Parents of Gender-Variant Children", which is on this website, and/or please feel free to contact us using the links or phone numbers provided if you need any information that isn't on these pages.
    We are now in the situation of being involved in education, lecturing and lobbying government departments, and generally, fighting for the rights and dignity of people suffering from Transsexualism. This is the main concern and activity for Changeling Aspects now. - Kathy Anne Noble

    Women Organisations, International
    Women Orgs in Greece (greek page)
    • * Women's World March -

    • * WAVE, Women Against Violence Europe

    • * International Women's Health Coalition -

    • * International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW),

    • * enow - European Women Network

    • * EWL - European Women's Lobby -

    • * Feminist gateway

    • * RAWA : the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan :

    • * Pacific Institute for Women's Health (PIWH)


    Sites loaded with links
    catalogues & search engines

    • DykeNation: - turned comercial general catalogue! (Dec 2005)
    • A Dyke's World
      a Great site with a lot of info ..
      to Celebrate Lesbian Visibility and Diversity.
      Love & Respect to all of us!
      - Indina has goodbyed us all visitors.. keep going on..

    • Queer Resourse Directory : ( dated.. but always interesting!)

    • -- - Discontinued (not found, 25 Dec 2005)

    • Search

      directory to anything Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual on the Internet.

    • The Search Engine for Gay and Lesbian Community



    Greek Sapphite & friendly Cyber-space
    (full page in Greek)

    friendly business  Fairy Tale bar
    Section moved to it's own page : Friendly venues in Greece
    see also:
    e-nation business links


    Greek e-Communities & social media
    e-clubs, mailing lists, & forums...
    e-clubs (full page in Greek)
    • the Greek Sapphtes group @ facebook
      address coming.. but I hope you may search 4 "Greek Sapphites group" within You'll find a host of lesbian, queer, women's & lgbt groups in our frends there.
    • Sappho club: the Sapphites e-salon for Greek-speaking women only, (used to be @ )
      required subscription to, the club is closed & inactive for some years now
    • .
    • Women_lgbt club: the Sapphites club for all women and women-lovers, (greek-speaking, used to be @ ).
    • football club (female, Glyfada, Athens could be contacted @ ) &
      message board hosted at the Sapphites e-salon (Greek-speaking used to be @ )
    • path-club & chat room #lesgr- at GRnet (, but also at server). [club discontinued, Nov2010]
    • Moto  Moto Rainbow Club Club - a "Dykes on Bikes" group message board hosted at the GreekLesbiansCommunity. (was @
    • - male-oriented gay news & events in Greece"
      Mostly gay men.
      (at - needs msn passport to subscribe/participate)
    • The HIV+ GAY men in Greece Community, -

  • mailing lists


    OnLine Sapphic Communities
    www sapphic communities- in Greek
    • Euro Sappho mailing list
      a women-only list for sapphic discussion on topics that are mainly of interest to European dykes.

    • Lesbians with Breast Cancer, mailing list
      A worldwide mailing list for women curently experiencing and/or having survived breast cancer and their partners. Probably the most friendly and humane mailing list on the internet - and the only one supporting partners of lesbians with cancer.
      URL :

    • - Lesbiangardens, a mailing list for lesbians who share a passion for gardening.

    • Astrolesbians Community & mailing list
      URL :

    • List of Lesbian lists worldwide

    • * the Rainbowstars LGBT-astrology mailing list !

    • * the Armchair Activist mailing list - Make a difference from your cozy computer chair!

    • Moving to Canada e-mail list. - for USA residents wishing to move away.. after the 2004 elections.. On the list-of-lists at, or to subscribe, write to movingtocanada-owner ��

    • GBA, Gay Business Association
      An organisation, of businesses, organisations and individuals in business who provide products and/or services to members of the gay and lesbian community in a non-discriminatory manner. Started in the United Kingdom, tends to spread all over Europe...

    Previous Page

    greek Health page
    Safe Sex for women - in Greek
    • Hellenic Anonymous telephone helpline for Sexually Transmitted Diseases: LAIS hotline 210.330.3306

    • Lesbians with Breast Cancer, support mailing list, including partners

    • Lesbian Wellness
      Centered around the medically neglected Lesbian community, trying to offer basic education in personal hygiene, prevention and therapy. This knowledge helps gay women have an active, informed role in their personal health and prosperity. -
      ( - sold-out link

    • Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA)
      a non-profit Organisation, USA & North America.
      Founded in 1981 as the American Association of Physicians for Human Rights, GLMA "came out" as an organization in 1994 with a name change as part of the broader expansion of our visibility, leadership, education, and advocacy. ... currently 2,000 plus members..
      .. former American Association of Physicians for Human Rights..

    • Online Health Care Referrals Program of GLMA
      helping LGBT people find LGBT and LGBT-friendly, licensed health care professionals near their homes. GLMA has members in all 50 states and 12 countries. Mostly USA & North America
      resources for patients:
      resources for providers & researchers

    • the Journal of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
      Quarterly Medical Journal. A multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of the health of LGBT populations.

    • more health related links..


    Sapphites Travel..
    preferably in women's places

    • Fuego Bar, Skala Eressos, Lesvos. Including info, pictures & interesting links for Eressos.

    • Lesbian Travel (in Greece) - from CyberDykes
      mainly targeting foreigners, promices much, and only links to one site containing some info about Eressos. In English.

    • Pearl's rainbow, Key West, Caribean
      A women-only guest-house, 2 pools ...

    local guides
    • Greece: Athens by night - Chios - Corfu - Crete - Eressos - Salonica - Rhodes - ..

    • Australia : Pinkmaps
      Pinkmaps provides information for the gay & lesbian traveller about the locations you are about to visit here in Australia. It informs you on the locations to live theatre, restaurants, bars, clubs, saunas, community groups and accommodation houses on our three state maps.

    • London :

    • New Zealand :
      Accommodation, adventures retreats and other essential information for the woman traveller in New Zealand.

    • Portugal : travel guide & directory


    (full page in Greek)

    Radio & Media...

    • - Athens, Greece : lesbian ang Gay Radio Show ! Every Thursday night at 23:00 - 1:00 am, on 94,0 FM
      Gay & Lesbian Radio Show, with Maria Cyberdyke.
      A greek Gay Community radio show. Contact during show : tel. 210.2770370 - 210.2759970
      (at some point was .. - Pink Panthers - obsolete link )
      the show was going on.. until the local authority on radio & tv decided it was lowering the radio quality.. and baned it..
      for more.. try MCyber homepage: see also the Sapphites News in early 2005 .. (more soon in our to-be reports page.. )

    • - Athens, Greece: a new weekly radio-show presented by two lesbian activists was announced early December 2004. Day is Monday, name "Xekatiniasmata" . (details soon..) - (note)

    • TV GAYED: GLAAD's Weekly Guide to What's LGBT on TV

    • - London, U.K. & internet
      24-hour Gay radio station: Sky Digital 889
      was online in - sold out.

    • -PlanetOut Radio - 24-hour glbt programming webcast in RealAudio

    • -Pridevision, Gay Television Network, Canada, cable
      .. with a mix of old gay themed movies, campy chat shows, and overnight gay porn, went on the air in September 2001, by Headline Media Group.
      Dec 2003 - sold to company controlled by Canadian broadcaster Bill Craig
      more .. (about the selling)

    • BloomingOUT, USA: Indiana's (and one of few in the USA) only weekly radio show dedicated to LGBTQI life. Every Thursday from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on WFHB, 91.3 and 98.1. You can also hear us on the net at or you can download iTunes for free at
      Music director Lee Chapman. The show is put together by a group of dedicated Bloomington volunteers and is always looking for creative correspondents and story ideas. Feel free to drop us a note with your suggestions.
      e-mail - tel. 1-800-796-1200 - local tel. (812)-323-1200, Fax: (812)-323-0320
      Address: WFHB Bloomington Community Radio, P.O. Box 1973 Bloomington, IN 47402, USA


    Matina's updates...

    Matina is a good friend and please refrain from calling her names (like 'gossip') .. she just likes to keep us informed about anything she knows. This is her the area for her news bulletins ... (note)

    • Greece, June 2014 financial update..
      Matina hears the junk-box (ie. tv) repeating daily the 'prime-minister's' after-elections declaration that they're 'considering' tax reductions. Specifically they propose a. to reduce the highest-tax persentage, this is for the extremely-rich only, ie. all the arliament members & their rich friends, and b. to reduce the big/expensive cars yearly 'circulation' tax.
      Matina is really woried about the starving poor, the unemployed and the ex-middle-class new-poor having to compensate for the reductions of the rich's taxation. It just means the tax-payments will come to an ubrupt stop, as these starving people cannot aford to pay even the current 2014's programmed taxes.
      Surely, they cannot be so stupid as to think that the very-few-rich votes can possibly upturn the upcoming general elections results in their favor, can they ?
      Or do they think that the continual changes in tax-law more than monthly, will get the country to any kind of 'stability' status enough to invite investors ?
    • older ...

    • Did you know there's some very interesting women-to women escort services?
      We used to link to "DykeGirlz (dot-com): The Unique Women 4 Women Escort Agency .. Exclusively from and to women. And they've been asking for women. If any of you are above 18, you're eligible ..."
      But we're informed it's been sold to porn-adds (thanks Paula!) So, here's the next-best link we can offer..
      Rachel Shabi on the rise of lesbian escort agencies .. an interesting study on the subject.. (found 6 Jan 2006, dated 15 Jan 2002)
    • International Organisation for Migration (Geneva, Switzerland) were seeking homosexual survivors from the Nazi expulsion, to inform them for two compensation programs. Applications to those programs expired on December 31, 2001.

    Matina is a greek female name. It also sugests the occassional typical female person, rumors and such. Our "friend" Matina has been here since our first appearance at the internet (December 2000), and has been providing information on the lighter side (non-activist), or not officially verified. This page contains our Matinas info, except for the occasional site-reference that's found a more relative theme-page to migrate to.
    We are not in any way connected to the new radio show, nor is our Matina. The show name, "xekatiniasmata", means undoing by gossip, or ultimate gossip, or even the lowest kind of women-fighting, usually for no reason, or due to rumors. It's rather supposed to be funny name-choice, but we don't find it funny at all, especially in the light of the co-operation and co-support level of the supposed "local community".

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